A pioneeer of the French Resistance in Somme Bay
Louis de Rainvillers « Le Muet » 2010/2015 : New discoveries.

Dear reader, known or unknown…
In 2009 (time is running so fast !...) my book « Le Muet » was just published by the printing company Paillart. Maybe you remember the last lines of its presentation (p13) :
… « Here and there during this long investigation with intricated ramifications, many points have remained without answers. Then what was the right time to make a conclusion ? It was very appealing to keep on searching… Here in France or overseas, the archives are unveiling new facts, therefore they could still  bring answers. For only yesterday,  yesterday again, stealthy shadows have joined this landscape to add a new link or a capital and sudden piece of information about certain  characters a part of whom remain  mysterious. »
And now we are in 2016. In the meantime « LeMuet » has kept on making his way with a warm welcome upon its great return. Since the book has been  issued many details, apparently small and meaningless but nevertheless carefully recorded have found their place in this strange  progress through encounters… new appointments… or in a  file  sleeping in a basement… or another one having escaped bombing or moving out of the owners.
Then I have decided to feed the work with these essential revelations.
They came to my hand along the unforeseen circumstances  of life, and in turn they are coming to you not globally but on an unexpected or sometimes whimsical way (…to maintain the suspense !...) in parallel to their shaping based on a work of crosschecking and examination. I know that what has come to me will arouse your interest, as I have been amazed myself. If I want to bring you these marvellous moments of lives it is because they restore to certain of our actors what they have kept silent during their lifetime. I did it in view of casting to broad daylight what was my intuition : the importance of their role.

  • First of all let’s learn a bit more about the fortress of Sennecey, about Casablanca (eternal romance or a real spies nest ?).. about the money of the Resistance… in Roubaix and Wattrelos, these two starting points of resistance with Pat O’Leary from the very first hours.. and then I will evoke Father Centioni, a close acquaintance of Pope Pie XII…,
  • We’ll meet Paul Campinchi, the settler (liquidator) of the Shelburn network (see p. 235 in « Le Muet  ») thanks to a lucky finding of the liquidation dossier.
  • After a telephone call on her side  let me introduce Hélène, Thaddée Sobkowitch’s daughter (pp 281-284) hiden in a belltower,  remember, in 1944… Behind him Henri Chalsky will emerge from shadow with Henri Gatka…
  • And the diamond of my digging, it is this day in honor to Louis, a ceremony decided by the Catholic College of the Oratorians  (Sh ! I’m going to tell you a word about it)…

And now in the manner of a tracking game, I suggest to go first to page 278 of the book (…discrète Thérèse) and see again the telegram of j. 1970 (iconography, 3rd gathering) to make a link with :

« Thérèse, Madeleine et Roger l’homme au télégramme, 1942-1945 » 










Ce livre a fait l'objet de plusieurs conférences et interviews de l'auteur

Principales conférences

Au Mémorial du Maréchal Leclerc de Hauteclocque et de la Libération de Paris / Musée Jean Moulin ; pour l'Association du Patrimoine d'Aigneville ; pour la commune de Boismont ; pour la commune de Saint Valery sur Somme

Interviews et internet

Interview à Radio Courtoisie dans "Les Mardis de l'Histoire", par l'historienne Madame Dominique Paoli
Sur le site internet Proxinews.com par Thomas Griffet,
Sur le site Destination Somme.

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